About Alicia Duque…

Alicia is a confident, witty, bubbly, Mom of three who is sought after by many national talk shows as an insider for parenting tips and finding real lifestyle solutions. Not only does Alicia have over 25 years in the education & parental arena, but she is a former single mother, and now stepmother with 2 of her children on the autism spectrum.

She understands the obstacles of raising a child on your own, dealing with special needs and all the hardships that can come with being a parent. She is committed to helping parents find innovated solutions that work in their home to build successful methods of child parenting. 

On her down time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, dancing and creating fun content. She is also super excited about planning a big wedding with her fiancé Steve.

“I’m all about showing you don’t have to be perfect to make your life work, and we all should be laughing a lot more”

– Alicia Duque